A non-profit organisation Trafficprof bunches together people who promote children`s traffic education. Our people have a long-term practice on traffic prevention and they contribute for raising traffic safety, students` traffic training sustainability and for developing the traffic culture of our society.

Our main goals are:

  1. Offer for as many educational institutions and kindergartens (also for those which are far from towns) as possible, opportunities to be engaged in theoretical as well as in practical traffic education
  2. Enable children as well as adults to acquire and develop driving and traffic skills, practicing on training fields and training tracks
  3. Carry out courses, information days, trainings and short-term camps about traffic and also carry out other activities involved with traffic education
  4. Bunch and bring together people who are interested in promoting driving training and traffic education and coordinate their activities


  1. Establishing traffic fields for children in different age groups
  2. Establishing bicycle training tracks
  3. Traffic education with buggies on a real-based buggy tracks
  4. Marketing traffic signs and other devices suitable for traffic training
  5. Traffic training consulting