Mobile traffic ground is meant for children in older age groups in kindergarten and 1st – 2nd grade as a primary mean of practicing the principles of traffic and safe commuting to school and back. This ground can be used by cyclists and pedestrians.

Traffic ground consists of quickly set-up traffic schema, 13 most commonly used traffic signs and a battery powered traffic light which allows practicing situations which might occur when on the way to school or back. Practicing on the traffic ground will provide the child with the primary knowledge on the logic of traffic on the streets and gives practical knowledge to future cyclists.

No matter what season it is, mobile traffic ground can be used indoors and outside and setting it up takes about 15 minutes. Traffic ground is 8m x 8m in size, the area needed for setting it up should be 10m x 10m. To store the assembled traffic ground you will only need 1.5m x 1.5m. The mobile traffic ground set comes with instructions for set-up and arrangement of traffic signs. Rearranging the signs allows creating various situations in traffic to broaden the general knowledge on the topic.